Trip to Tunisia

In July I went to Tunisia to do some research on the situation of the migrants who are stranded there. I kicked off in Tunis and then went to the South, to Medenine and Zarzis, small villages that are close to the Libyan border.


La Marsa, Tunis © Andrea Backhaus

“Le Foyer“ is the reception centre for migrants in Medenine, a town in Southern Tunisia, close to the Libyan border. Almost all the people here are from Congo, Gambia or Nigeria and have been in Libya before, where they have experienced exploitation, violence, sexual abuse, torture. They all tried to get to Italy, but when their boats broke in the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisian fishermen rescued them. Now they are in limbo and have nowhere to go, so they kill the time by playing billard in the yard. Some are so desperate, that despite all the horrors they experienced there, they want to find smugglers to bring them back to Libya – to get again on a boat towards Europe.

More to follow soon!


Le Foyer in Medenine © Andrea Backhaus


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