Trip to the Turkish-Syrian border

In May 2017 I spent some time in Southern Turkey, very close to the Syrian border. In Gaziantep I met with the White Helmets (Syria Civil Defence), who are doing incredible work in Syria: After a bomb hits a building, they are often the first and only ones, who rescue the people from underneath the rubble. In the past six years they have rescued the lives of more than 90.000 people in Syria.

18198769_10154659593208036_3081551288308290124_n KopieAmong others I met Lina Shamy in the White Helmets office in Gaziantep, just 120 kilometres from Aleppo. Lina belonged to the last few thousand civilians who were removed from Eastern Aleppo in mid December, when Assad and his allies regained control over the whole city. “We will always believe in the ideas of the revolution”, she said, “in freedom, dignity, justice.” She added: “We will do anything to bring Assad to justice. We will work until our last breath to make his regime accountable for what it did to the Syrian people.”

Here are a few impressions from the situation of the Syrian refugees at the border.

More to follow soon!

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