Trip to Jerusalem

In September I visited Jerusalem. The last time I came here was in 2014, where I visited the “Hand in Hand School”. To wander through the holy city is always very special, as it reveals so many different layers.


The Old City in Jerusalem ©Andrea Backhaus

People you would meet in one day criss-crossing Jerusalem: Nir, the Jewish artist, who was ultra-orthodox until he realized he wants to live in a gay community, Aviv who was raised in an ultra-atheist family and who now runs projects which foster dialogue with the Jewish ultra-orthodox and the Muslim community, the secular Jew Itay, who, despite death treats, trys to strengthen the tradition of Secular Judaism, Mahmoud from East-Jerusalem who is doing peace projects within his Palestinian neighbourhood in order to raise awareness to deal with the occupation in a peaceful way, or Sarah, who is a lesbian ultra-orthodox Jew, fighting for LGBT rights together with local orthodox rabbis.

And finally you would run into a prayer house where Muslims, Jews and Christians are praying together under one roof and under the guidance of a Muslim Sufi Sheikh, an orthodox Rabbi, a female Coptic and a Franciscan priest.



@Emad Karim

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