Trip to Ankara

In mid April 2016 I was in Ankara, Turkey, to give a lecture at Hacettepe University on Peace and Crisis Journalism, on documentation and interview techniques. The lecture was part of a week-long seminar on Peace Initiatives, organised by the MA Program for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Since the campus is quite far from the city center I only got a taste of the current situation there.

13002433_10153628014013036_3721879423184536027_o Kopie

© Andrea Backhaus

That’s a simit shop in Kizilay neighbourhood in Ankara, right next to Guven Park, where the bomb exploded in March 2016. The mood is still very tense. Police is all over the place, checking on passersby, taking ID numbers. Many people are suspicious and don’t want to talk. Those who talk (anonymously) say sentences like: “We are close to a civil war”, “The Turkish society has never been as polarised”, “We are in a state of total crisis.” Some also add: “If Angela Merkel would like us more, it would help us a lot.” More to follow soon.

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