“Die bedrohte Medienfreiheit in Ägypten”


“Vier Jahre nach der Revolution wird die Medienfreiheit in Ägypten, dem einflussreichsten arabischen Land, mit Füßen getreten. In diesem Buch erklären Journalisten, wie es dazu kam, warum die ägyptische Situation typisch für Krisenländer dieser Welt ist – und was wir daraus lernen können.”


Abstract in English:

“Shortly after the Egyptian revolution of January 2011 there was a moment of freedom. To every free society belongs a free media environment – so there was an abundance of new TV stations, newspapers, blogs. Today, however, media freedom in Egypt has deteriorated like never before. This book aims to provide answers: What has happened? What can journalists do to counter the various threats they and the whole media face?

We asked 14 journalists to write for us, from their own perspectives. How do you deal with a mob that suddenly appears in front of you and tries to take your camera? How do you protect yourself and your sources from the eyes of the state security? And how does media cover the fragile interreligious dialogue between Muslims and Christians?

The book starts with a historical overview on the media landscape in Egypt. The main part consists of essays by (mostly) Egyptian and German renowned journalists and comprises various photo series. The book ends with a critical conclusion.”

https://www.startnext.com/medienfreiheit-aegypten https://www.startnext.com/en/medienfreiheit-aegypten https://www.facebook.com/medienfreiheit.aegypten?fref=ts

Erscheint im Herbst 2015!

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